Water is the most precious commodity on earth as it gives life and is more important than fuel, gas, petrol, gems or any kind of metal. Fuel can be replaced but water has no substitute. Pakistan is facing an acute shortage of water, a country with a climate like Pakistan must have 1000 days reserve water, but Pakistan has only 30 days reserve water. There are many reasons behind this shortage, one of them is that India has built hundreds of dams on Pakistan’s water thus slowing the flow into our basins.

There is too much water wastage in large cities which have easy access to water. Our population needs to learn how to conserve water in their houses and localities. I have seen people watering their gardens and washing cars with clean drinking water when we should be using re-cycled water for these purposes. Media should also play a part in spreading awareness and our government should also start immediate and effective steps to overcome the situation. They can build dams and more reservoirs, introduce water recycling plants to overcome this problem.


Lahore, August 5.