LAHORE - The dealers association of the EME Phase 12 of the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) took out a rally against the government for unfairly increasing the prices of plots in the society.

The protesters demanded that the chairman of the Federal Board of Revenue and Finance Minister Ishaq Dar should decrease average price of the EME plots and set its price as per that of Phase 5 of the DHA. They said that the average price of plots of EME had been increased by 157 percent, and termed the rise injustice.

They demanded that the average price of the EME plots should be increased by 35 percent so that the real estate business of the EME could be saved from collapse. They said that previously the average price of plots in the EME was Rs325,000 per marla that has been increased to Rs837,500 which is unacceptable for them. They threatened that if their demand was not accepted, they would expand the incidence of protests.