LAHORE - Citizens of Lahore, especially the children, are preparing for 69th Independence Day decorating every nook and corner of the city with national flags.

The capital city of Punjab sees a transition this year as the children, who used to buy flags and buntings from stalls, are now setting up their own stalls to show their passion for the country, and also to spend pleasant time with friends. Some of these roadside ‘stalls owners’ have shared their stories and experience with The Nation.

Danial, 12, a resident of Samanabad Town says August is the month of independence. He along with his two friends managed to set up stall in front of his house, where Pakistan flags and buntings have been put for sale.

The trend of setting up stalls by children has also had a support from their parents who also shared the fears of mounting events of children abduction. Naseem Javed, father of two, said that he wanted to boost the morale of his children who had set up stalls and found the activity quite interesting. But on the same manner, he wanted security of his children.

“We are keeping an eye on our children and set a time schedule for opening and closing of the stall. But we also urge government to beef up security in the markets in the wake of Independence Day ,” he added.

Another little vendor at Urdu Bazaar, Ahmed Sultan, says he has the best green caps in the whole bazaar. “Sale of these caps reaches a high level during the first two weeks of August. I purchase small stocks from the wholesale market, and all of my stocks get sold out by afternoon,” the 14-year-old told The Nation.

Shamail Khan from Johar Town said: “My father brought me a large flag and helped me in posting it on our rooftop. I was told by my father that the green part represents Islam and white colour in the flag represents minorities.”

Like them, many other children were witnessed decorating their houses, streets and roads with national flags and banners. There are a number of stalls being set up along the roads, markets and bazaars of the city where flags, caps and shirts are being sold. Sale of posters carrying the pictures of heroes and founders of Pakistan movement is also on the rise.

Quaid-Gandhi letters displayed

A copy of the letters exchanged between Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, presidential speeches, documents of the Pakistan Movement were displayed at Quaid-e-Azam Library yesterday.

Old and rare books, pictures and documents from history were exhibited during the opening ceremony held in connection with Independence Day . This is an initiative of the Quaid-e-Azam Library, in collaboration with Punjab Archives, Nazaria-e-Pakistan Trust and Punjab Public Library.

The ceremony held at Iqbal Hall of QAL will be continued till August 14. It was inaugurated by Chief Justice (r) Mehboob Ahmed. Punjab Public Libraries Director General Dr Zaheer Ahmed Babar, Punjab Archives Director Muhammad Abbas Chugtai, QAL Chief Librarian Mrs Salma, and others were present on the occasion.

A large number of people including professors, students, visited the exhibition and showed their keen interest in the historical documents.