Respected Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, we keep on hearing from you that a change has happened in Pakistan. There is neither rule of law or justice for which you have been struggling politically for the last 20 years. Now you have decided to launch a Tehreek for accountability when the Pakistan Peoples Party and Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz are against the accountability because their leadership is alleged to be involved in corruption. They also have the mandate of people as having more elected member of national and provincial assemblies in Punjab and Sindh. I think you should first demand the change of present failed parliamentary political system with presidential form of political system.

The constituency based election of people representatives with proportional representation because the present system even if a party is having more voters than the winning party, it has lesser member elected for the assembly. You should also organise your party by establishing a permanent office in each district of the country managed by professional staffs which is not inspiring to contest the election. This staff should consist of four five people which job responsibilities are to make the membership for the party in every district and raise funds for the party and to meet the expenses of district office. That office should also render social services to the resident of the district related to police and patwaris. Those candidates who wants to contest the election should not be appointed office bearers of the party because it prevents the political party to function as a political institution which you want to make Tehreek-e-Insaf. Please note the greatness in leadership is not merely about being honest man, it is about wisdom, sacrifice, selflessness and vision. In today world, the electronic media with its camera eyes, there are no line to demarcate between official life and personal life for the seeker of public office. Our founding father M A Jinnah was the same in private as well as in public life.


Lahore, July 27.