LAHORE - The administration of Pak-Turk International Schools and Colleges has categorically denied taking any assistance from Turkish or Pakistani governments.

The administration, teachers, and parents connected to the schools have also denounced the the news items being published in the media about the organisation, saying it is agonising for them.

The schools are exclusively managed by a local foundation, with 1200 Pakistani and 134 Turkish personnel. “As indicated by information from media, it is said that our schools will be handed over to another foundation. We, parents’ teacher association, are unable to understand and accept the transfer of the schools from a local foundation to another foundation, especially when the proposed entity is one with known political affiliation,” the Pak-Turk schools administration said in a statement yesterday.

“We believe that such an entity that is openly aligned with a certain school of thought and will preach its own political agenda. We are also perturbed by the clear probability that in case the schools are handed over to such a controversial entity, the students will face uncalled for ideology and their emotional and intellectual health will be taxed.”

“We are also extremely disturbed by attempts by certain segments to impute political and even terroristic linkages with the schools that are capable of stigmatising our children as students of the schools and ourselves as parents. Ever since our association with the schools the schools, we have not witnessed any negative or objectionable activity or incident,” it added.

As per information from the administration, the schools have not taken any financial assistance from the Pakistani or Turkish government. “The schools have accomplished this prestige today, solely by utilising local resources. Many of the parents have been ardent supporters of the efforts for raising donations for the development of these educational institutes,” the statement reads.