Jerusalem: The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) says Israel is after stealing the entire Palestinian territories through confiscating more private land in the occupied West Bank.

In a statement released, the PLO’s National Bureau to Defend Land warned of the “dangerous” consequences of a plan by the Tel Aviv regime to resettle evacuees from the illegal Amona settlement outpost in the central West Bank to a nearby privately-owned piece of Palestinian land.

The PLO said the “unprecedented” measure is aimed at “swallowing” more Palestinian land.

Recently, Israeli media reported that a committee tasked with relocating Amona settlers has proposed leasing the privately-held Palestinian properties near the outpost to the Israelis for three years, with possible extension.

Some 140 new illegal housing units are expected to be built on the Palestinian land, with 40 of them reserved for families evacuated from Amona. The Palestinian owners reportedly live abroad.

Israel’s Supreme Court has ruled that the Amona settlement outpost is illegal and ordered the demolition of all its 41 settler units by the end of 2016.