GUJRANWALA-The robbers and thieves went on a rampage despite police pickets erected on all the intra-city roads here on Saturday.

In Tatley Wali, armed men entered the house of Akber and decamped with Rs100,000, 20 tollas gold ornaments, four cell phones and other valuables, while Rizwan Cheema was also deprive of Rs40,000 and two cell phones in this area. At Ferozwala, dacoits intercepted Hashim and his wife and looted Rs25,000, gold ornaments and cell phone, in Emanabad robbers looted gold ornaments, Rs32,000 and three cell phones from Ibrahim and his wife, in Ali Pur Chatha bandits looted Rs40,000 and two cell phones from Farhan, in Sadar police station limit Gujranwala Moeez was deprived of Rs21,000 and cell phone by armed men.

Likewise, in Sadar wazirabad area, dacoits took away applied for motorcycle and Rs12,000 from Abu Bakar; in Satellite Town, armed men looted applied for motorcycle and Rs4,000 from Tufail, at Jinnah road Shahbaz was deprived of Rs6,000 and cell phone by armed men, in Peoples Colony bandits looted Rs11,000 and cell phone from Ashir, in theft incidents car of Munir and motorcycle of Jabbar were stolen from Peoples Colony while unknown thieves swept away the houses of Yasin, Abdul Rauf, Asghar, Iqbal and Hassan from various parts of the city.