It is not possible to get the electricity connection restored in Orangi Town without greasing the palms of the K electric staff. In spite of lodging complaints on 118 for power failure, the complaint is not entertained and close without resolving the matter. People have to wait for several days for restoration of electricity connection and made them run from pillar to post but in vain. 

Ticket No. 6007067060 was created on 12-07-2017 and closed without attending the complaint, on my reminder ticket No. 6007085828 was issued on 14-07-2017. Several calls of the remainder were made on 118 and email was also sent to customer services but still, no action has been taken and falling on deaf ears. The people of Orangi Town is facing the same hard ship in the area and there is no remedy is available for them except to pay a bribe to K electric staff for the restoration of their electrical connections. 

Is there any one in K electric to look into the matter, take legal action against the corrupt officers who are earning a bad reputation for the department, redress the grievances and save from the menaces. 


Karachi, July 15.