JACOBABAD - A man gunned down her wife and her alleged paramour over having illicit relation at Bahadur Khan Banglani village on Monday.

According to police, Barkat Ali Banglani allegedly killed Hazoor Bakhsh, 25, over having extramarital relations with his wife at Gul Khan Banglani village and managed to flee from the scene while it was also reported that he also killed his wife in same connection.

The accused Barkat Ali after killing Hazoor Bakhsh rushed to his house and gunned down his wife Fahmeeda, 35, the mother of three sons and two daughters, police confirmed.

The body of deceased woman shifted to Kandhkot Hospital while the body of deceased man shifted to Thul Hospital for autopsy and later, both the bodies were handed over to their heirs. Neither cases were registered nor police had arrested main suspect till filling of this news file.