KARACHI - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Sindh leader MPA-Elect Haleem Adil Sheikh Monday persuaded the residents of a backward village of end their 7-month boycott to the polio vaccination and with help of officials also administrated polio drops to 850 children.

Haleem along with the district health officers and vaccination staff visited Sindhabad Goth of UC Gujjro, where the affectees of the 2010 floods have been living a miserable life. Due to the lack of basic facilities these villagers had been boycotting polio vaccination for last seven months.

The villagers expressed happiness on the visit to the MPA-Elect to their neglected slum area and on the request of Haleem ended their seven-month boycott to the polio drops. On the occasion, polio drops were administered to all 850 children of the village.

Haleem said that this slum area is a big question mark on the performance of the provincial government. He said that these flood affected people have been waiting for basic facilities of life since 2010, but no effort is yet made for their rehabilitation.

He said the Union Council Gujjro is amongst the poorest areas of the megacity, where thousands of families live in abject poverty. He said that due to the boycott of the villagers, 850 children of this village could not get polio drops and many polio cases were reported from this vicinity.

Haleem said: “We in the leadership of PTI Chairman Imran Khan would wipe out polio and other diseases from Pakistan. We will also take all-out steps for rehabilitation of the affected villagers and provide them all basic facilities of life,” he added.

He thanked Pir Farukh Jan Sarhandi and other local elders who also persuaded the villagers to end the boycott and thus played a good role in eradication of polio. He said that we are determined to make a polio-free Pakistan. He also thanked the police and the health department officials for their assistance in making this anti-polio drive a success.