SIALKOT-The boats are back in River Chenab as the local people have started picnicking at Head Marala-Sialkot after the direly needed increase in water level in the river.

The water level soured up to 98367 cusecs following the melting of snow on the mountains in the neighbouring Occupied Jammu and Kashmir after increase in temperature.

Now, the people are enjoying boating in River Chenab as the increase in water level has revived the life around.

A rush of the people was witnessed at Head Marala to see the water there. In August 2008, India stopped water in River Chenab towards Pakistan.

On the other hand, the Irrigation Department started releasing water in the two main canals - Marala-Ravi-Link (MR-Link) Canal and Upper Chenab Canal (UCC). Both the main canals originate from the Head Marala.

Irrigation Department officials said that the Marala-Ravi-Link (MR-Link) Canal remained closed for long due to water shortage in River Chenab. Now, with the surge of water, 20000 cusecs water is being released in the canal and 13423 cusecs in Upper Chenab Canal (UCC).

The local farmers warmly welcomed the release of water in both the canals. They said that they would be able to cultivate their seasonal crops and vegetables by irrigating the fields.

Nullah Dek in high flood  as India releases water

SIALKOT-Nullah Dek became in high flood Monday evening when India suddenly released 25,000 cusec floodwater in the nullah.

According to local senior officials of the Irrigation Department, India in this evening released a big peak of floodwater in Nullah Dek towards Pakistan.

The officials said that a big peak of 25,000 cusecs floodwater is now (tonight) passing through the Nullah Dek near Chahoor, Pasrur Tehsil, which is high flood as it has total capacity of 25,000 cusec floodwater.

The departments concerned have been put on red alert due to fear of overflow of floodwater.

Sialkot Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Tahur Wattoo said that Nullah Dek is in high flood near Pasrur here.

The DC, however, said that the flood situation is under control.