LAHORE - The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) on Monday sealed three food points and imposed a heavy fine on 20 eateries for violation of Food Act. Spokesperson of PFA said that the enforcement team unearthed illegal factory producing fake carbonated drinks of various famous brands. The team caught factory’s employees red-handed while manufacturing fizzy drinks by adding harmful chemicals and artificial flavours. He said that factory was functioning on Sheikhupura Road. As many as 22,500 filled bottles of fizzy drinks were taken into custody and later destroyed. Further, PFA raided a foot point at Zarar Shaheed Road sealed it on using rancid oil, improper cleanliness arrangements and stinky environment. Apart from that, workers of the eatery did not have medical certificates. Besides, PFA has closed down Aqua Drink Premier Drinking Water for failing to produce laboratory test report.

The PFA also imposed fine and issued warning to 312 eateries, sweet shops, production units, meat shops and collected water samples for laboratory test.