LAHORE - Eidul Azha, feast of sacrifice, revolves around relishing meals, family gatherings, sacrifices, colourful clothes and giving and receiving gifts. It will now be marred by skyrocketing prices of general commodities.

Muslims around the world are getting ready to celebrate the most important religious festival of Eidul Azha. But for many Muslims in Pakistan, this tradition would be hard to follow this year as the prices of goods have become detached from reality.

Many retailers raise prices before Eid, leaving people with no choice left. Shoppers have expressed their outrage after seeing the surge in price of everyday commodities.

At present price of most commonly used vegetable tomato has increased to Rs 120 per kg.  Last week its price was Rs 60 per kg.

Similarly onions and potatoes which were a few weeks before selling at Rs 20 are now being sold at Rs 39 and Rs 50 respectively. Price of lemon was Rs 160 per kg

“As Eid is approaching and the price have already increased a lot. If prices of daily consumption items keep increasing like this, it will definitely dig a hole in our pockets”, said Fawad Shah, a resident of Mughalpura.

Today almost every staple vegetable is priced above Rs.30 a kg, while we live in a country where almost 55 million people live below poverty line. This presents a gloomy picture.

“How can I afford these expensive essential commodities for a family of six when I am drawing only Rs. 3,500 as salary”, said Rizwan Khalid, a watchman.

Even the Sunday bazaars and model bazaars have provided citizens with no relief. The prices are equally soaring high. For instance in Shadman Sunday bazaar, prices of Garlic and lemon has rose up to Rs. 160 and Rs. 140 per kg.

The well developed countries reduce prices ahead of their festivals. For instance in United States, Thanksgiving is a great U.S. holiday during which people consume huge quantities of turkey. Just a few days before Thanksgiving, turkey is discounted by almost every supermarkets and grocery stores in US.