A mother-to-be got overwhelmed when she got to know about having twins, although raising even a single child is a challenge in itself. From moms and dads expecting twins, to family and friends, strangers on the street, everyone has questions what it is like to have twins. The same curiosity leads to adorable twins – Ibrahim and Mustafa, born on August 7, 2013.

“It’s more of a joy than struggle. But I would say that there were challenges like how to get through in the first such experience, so learning by doing things,” reflected the mother of twins, Mrs Nazia Hamid, who is also a working lady. Handling one child is very demanding and one cannot really anticipate when it comes to two at the same time.

“The biggest challenge we faced was that one of them is sick due to a viral infection the other one will definitely get it. When you are raising twins, it’s just not about feeding them or keeping them clean and healthy only; it has its own psychological and emotional repercussions as well. From the day one they start noticing and observing everything alike. If you carry one child the other will definitely start developing that being-neglected-feeling. Both need same attention at same time otherwise they would throw a tantrum or start behaving oddly to get noticed.”

“It’s really very tricky,” said the mother and explained: “When you are handling them it leaves a mark on their personality. You have to make everything same and treat them absolutely equally no matter what and how.”

The twins are identical in looks but not necessarily in personalities as well. So the same-looked persons need different kind of attention and handlings.

Same is the case with Mustafa and Ibrahim as both have very different personalities and never found on same page by their mother.

“The most interesting aspect is both kept changing behaviors. Initially Mustafa was naughty and Ibrahim was a quiet kid. Then it was Ibrahim’s turn to be more chaotic and Mustafa’s to become quieter. So their moods kept swinging. They are developing different strengths and shortcomings as they grew older. The twins demand different kind of attention and develop personalities, which usually reflect how they are being treated in the same situation at the same time,” said Nazia.

Nazia smiled and said these are things that you cannot really explain but it’s very challenging and parents must make it sure that they get along both kids well and no one get a feeling of being neglected. “There only need is a vibe of justice and fair behaviour.”