KAMALIA-The government has ignored the departments of education and health while the provision of clean drinking water and uplift of agriculture sector are not in its priorities.

This was stated by Sardar Mushtaq Dogar, member of Area Water Board, Faisalabad Division.

He said that the government had destroyed the agriculture sector, adding that Pakistan was an agricultural country, but the government had failed to devise an agriculture policy for the country.

He lamented that the government had neglected the prosperity of farmer, saying that the farmer who once fed the whole country was now hungry himself.

He stated: “Most of the sugar mills in the country are owned by politicians, and they are involved in financial exploitation of the farmers.”


A youth, killed in a traffic accident, was buried here. His identity could not be ascertained by police. He had been hit by a speeding car and shifted to Tehsil Headquarters Hospital where he died.