Unfortunately, but unsurprisingly, the international response towards India’s illegal violations against Kashmir has been severely lacking. Most disappointing has been the statement from the United Nations (UN), the body which has been monitoring the Line of Control (LoC) along the Kashmir border, and whose law India violated by taking the unilateral decision to disregard all international treaties and agreement to colonise another state. Instead of appraising India for removing Kashmir’s special status without the consent of the population, and of suppressing the Kashmiri people’s freedom of movement and speech in a two day long blockade, the UN has merely urged India and Pakistan to exercise “maximum restraint”. The response from Amnesty International has been more comforting; with the INGO warning that India’s move could escalate violence and instability in the region.

Thus, the response towards the suffering of Kashmir appears only to be slight condemnations or words of warning. It is tragic that by and large, across the international sphere, the seventy-years struggle of Kashmiris for self-determination, and Indian oppression of their rights to life, movement and speech, do not hold much significance for the international community.

Yet Pakistan is not giving up this fight. Prime Minister Imran Khan stated in his address in the National Assembly that Pakistan was calling for global leadership to take notice, and stated that it was these hostile and aggressive acts by India which had made it necessary for the US to help mediate peace in Kashmir. Pakistan’s government is determined to appeal to all allies of ours to bring Kashmir justice. The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) will host a special session, where Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi is expected to vociferously urge the OIC to condemn and take diplomatic action against India’s legal attack on Kashmir. Imran Khan also phoned Turkish President Erdogan to inform him about India’s latest measure, with Erdogan giving his support to Pakistan.

Needless to say, the situation in Kashmir will be a test of Pakistan’s diplomatic skills, and whether it can wake the world of the slumber it usually adopts towards human rights violations in Kashmir. Pakistan should not give up on the UN so easily either- when it comes down to the facts of the case, India has violated international law, for which there are penalties in the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court.