KARACHI        -       The Karachi University is providing maximum facilities to students and researchers and although the university has limited financial resources available, its administration is determined and trying its best to fulfill requirements of students, scholars, teaching and non-teaching staff.

These views were expressed by KU Vice Chancellor Professor Dr Khalid Mahmood Iraqi during the concluding session of the four-day long third summer school workshop entitled “Green Spin in Biotechnology” on Tuesday.

The workshop was organised by the Dr AQ Khan Institute of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, KU, and held at the Jinnah Auditorium, KIBGE.

The VC said: “The KU has been giving on-hand trainings and conducting workshop sessions for young scholars so that they could get necessary knowledge about the modern tools, techniques and methodologies being used in research.”

“We are still in very initial stage as our researches are not giving direct benefits to the masses. As a nation, we have to invest huge in human resources, infrastructure, science and technology so we can progress. We have to be realistic and determined to resolve our problems. We have to take serious measures as soon as possible to overcome our problems,” he added.

He asked students to implement what they have learned during the workshop in their practical life. He expressed that he was hopeful that young scholars, who have participated in the workshop, would get utmost benefits from what they have learned at KIBGE in their future.

Responding to one of trainee’s suggestion that workshop duration should be extended as four days were not enough for such informative workshop, the KU VC Professor Dr Khalid Iraqi said duration is not important.

He told them that how many new avenues are available after attending workshops is significant rather than how long training duration should be. “Number of days are not important, how it was organised, what you have learned does matter. Open your eyes, give yourself new vision and make commitment to your work. This is the main purpose of holding workshops.”

Professor Iraqi acknowledge the recommendation that business model should be included in such training sessions. He said that there must be a policy to bring the outcome of our research into the market so that country could get maximum economical benefits from the research.

He said that research resource persons are transferring their experience into young mind and added that institutes like KIBGE are center of learning.

He shared that accommodation facility is necessary for the participants who came from other parts of the country to attend the workshops and said that KU is working on the task.

The Dean, Faculty of Science, KU, Professor Dr Tabassum Mehboob, shared that KU is engage in conducting research based training program and such events are design to share maximum knowledge with the participants.

She said that to provide utmost benefits to the students, international scientists and their work is often included in the training sessions. The trainings are design to promote science and technology and research culture at the campus. Professor Dr Tabassum Mehboob also said that from laboratory to industry research plays very important role.