For a change, Shehbaz Sharif, the opposition leader, was quite explicit in suggesting that the US President should be approached to effectively deal with the recent developments in Indian Occupied Kashmir. However, Prime Minister Imran Khan didn’t get the message and a solidly doable idea went down the drain without being tested.

Addressing the joint parliamentary sitting Tuesday, the PML-N leader clearly suggested, not once but at least twice, that it was time to convey it to the US President that it would be extremely difficult for Pakistan to devote its clout and energies to help him “extricating” the American troops from Afghanistan.

By arrogantly scrapping Article 370 of the Indian Constitution, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had recklessly demolished the status quo prevailing at the Line of Control in Kashmir since 1948. Even the full-scale wars of 1965 and 1971 could not change it.

Due to compulsions of a plethora of bilateral agreements and commitments made to the UN, both India and Pakistan were bound to respect and maintain the status quo, reflected through the Line of Control on Kashmir.

India had no right to demolish it. In fact, upsetting the status quo related to Kashmir can rather trigger another Indo-Pak war with the potential of turning into an either/or showdown.

An overwhelming number of Kashmiris also anticipate mass scale cleansing and land grabbing after deletion of Article 35-A as well.

Since 1929, the said law ensured that “outsiders” were not entitled to buy and hold properties in Jammu and Kashmir. Only the born residents of the erstwhile State, ruled by a despotic Maharaja, savored any land holding rights.

With scrapping of 35-A, along with Article 370, Modi government surely appears to be taking the route that the bigot Zionists had travelled on in Palestine to establish the State of Israel and continue expanding it by ruthless land grabbing.

Pakistan can just not disregard the legitimate fears of Kashmiris; also can’t forget and forgive that it remains one of the major stakeholders of the fate of Jammu and Kashmir.

President Trump should, therefore, do something, substantive, to alleviate the combined anxiety of Pakistanis and Kashmiris.

But unfortunately, the Prime Minister failed to read the nuanced message that the opposition leader tried to communicate. Besides, he did not seem to be very comfortable with Shehbaz Sharif’s speech anyway.

It, indeed, was an unnecessarily lengthy speech. But even the vicious critics of younger Sharif can’t blame the younger Sharif for brevity. He loves his voice, no doubt, and often teased and taunted Imran Khan during his Tuesday speech.

Prime Minister Imran Khan was perhaps justified to feel annoyed with barbs that Shehbaz Sharif employed, suggesting as if Imran Khan was personally responsible for what the Modi government had announced Monday.

In utter fury, the prime minister instantly stood up when the opposition leader finished his speech. He expressed disappointment by saying that he had come to the House with an open mind to keenly listen to the opposition legislators.

In all sincerity, he wanted to find out ways and means of dealing with the scenarios, developing due to unilateral scrapping of Article 370 by India. The opposition leader, however, sounded as if suggesting that “I should attack India,” without first trying all viable alternatives. Then, he left the house.

Before blaming the opposition leader for not coming out with anything substantive and doable, Prime Minister Imran Khan should also have considered the wanton manner, the parliamentary handlers of his government had tried to go about the specially summoned joint sitting of parliament in an ominous context.

In the absence of Shah Mehmud Qureshi, the foreign minister, Azam Swati attempted to initiate business for the sitting by reading a motion that failed to mention scrapping of Article 370 and 35-A by the Indian government.

The opposition was justified to feel furious about it and the absence of Prime Minister fuelled their ire. In sheer anger, they began chanting slogans to promote suspicions that Trump-Khan meeting of July 22 at the White House had “enabled” Narendra Modi to rush to what his government had announced Monday.

In sheer panic, the Speaker adjourned the House for “20 minutes.” Stranded in the press lounge and parliamentary lobbies and corridors, we had to wait and wait for more than three hours, however.

The opposition kept firmly conveying to government’s messengers that its legislators would not take part in the joint sitting, unless the prime minister’s presence is ensured. Before committing the prime ministerial presence, however, the messengers wanted assurances that the opposition would “behave” and act deferential during the prime minister’s presence in the house.

In return of the promise of good behavior, the opposition pushed the demand that the Prime Minister must open the general discussion in the joint parliamentary sitting by offering a “policy statement.”

After childlike toing and froing, the sitting finally resumed at 4:15pm. Prime Minister was given the floor to deliver the “policy statement.”

Instead of reading a focused, sharply edited and surely brief statement, Prime Minister Imran Khan went on and on to discuss the politics of Narendra Modi and its historic roots.

It surely sounded as if Pakistan’s Prime Minister had finally “discovered” that Modi was nothing but an incurable bigot, obsessed to enforce the fascist ideology of “India for Hindus only,” the so-called Hindutva.

Without candidly saying it, Imran Khan also sounded admitting that he was wrong in hoping that after returning to the Prime Minister’s office for a second term, Narendra Modi would want to work for establishing the lasting peace in South Asia.

Prime Minister of Pakistan was certainly correct in stressing that taking a brazenly arrogant step Monday, the Indian Prime Minister had pushed things to the brink in South Asia.

The resistance-hardened Kashmiris are not going to succumb before Modi’s obsessive whims and Pakistan can’t digest them either. The Nazi-emulating obsessions of the Modi government will certainly push India and Pakistan to another war and this time around no one can guarantee that the war would not turn nuclear in the end.

Prime Minister Imran Khan was also not wrong and scare mongering by clearly reminding the world that India and Pakistan would not be the sole victims of a nuclear war between the two countries. Vast swaths of the planet earth are bound to suffer the brunt of it as well.

Even after agreeing to his thoughts, completely, none of us sitting in the gallery could spot any hint of the strategy he might have adopted by now to prevent the potential Armageddon. He clearly sounded as if still searching for a doable strategy.

In supreme national interest, the opposition legislators must help him in developing the same and in the given circumstances Shehbaz Sharif had surely suggested some viable options. One can only wish that Prime Minister had heard the opposition leader with a cool heart and mind.