Sayed Abad is a main area of Balghter in Panjgoor district. It is located south of Hoshab tehsil where a civil hospital was started building in 2011, but still not completed. The project of this hospital was eaten by the contractors who are assigned the responsibilities of building the hospital. Now the residents do not know who misappropriated the money and left the hospital incomplete. Most of the residents belong to a poor family and they cannot afford to visit other cities like Turbat and Karachi for the treatment. This is the place where people work every day in their fields to receive little amount for their families. If they suffer from serious diseases such as cancer and HIV/ AIDs, they face more difficulties because poor cannot visit hospitals in the city like Karachi.

Thus, I request to CM of Balochistan for taking urgent notice on this issue and find out the contractors who misused the project money. This hospital should be built as soon as possible.