ISLAMABAD          -      The condition of both the zoo and its animals is getting worse as the blame game between different government authorities appears to be never ending.

The Zoo has not only experienced the death of animal species but has also witnessed animals living a hell life.  From the death of lions and ostriches to the bad health conditions of crocodile, bear and elephant, the zoo has failed to provide healthy environment to the animals. 

Talking to The Nation, a member of Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB) who manages the affairs of the capital’s zoo stated on condition of anonymity that the tussle between Capital Development Authority, Metropolitan Cooperation Islamabad and IWMB over this zoo park has ruined its condition. The official representing IWMB stressed that instead of going forward, the zoo was falling a step back every passing day. 

On further questioning, the official told that the management failed to keep crocodile and transferred it to one of the zoos in Lahore. The bear is fighting death for the last couple of months after being diagnosed with tumour. The elephant was recently transferred to a sanctuary because of the hell-like treatment. Two ostriches died because of the bad feed given to them. Now recently, lion and lioness were mercilessly killed because of the mishandling of the zoo staff. 

However, the city administration tells a different story. Background discussion with one of the top officials of the federal capital revealed that due to the negligence of Islamabad Wild Life Management Board to protect the animals up to the required wildlife protection standards, the animal lost their lives. 

Upon contacting Mayor Islamabad Sheikh Anser Aziz to take his view regarding the matter, he said that the only party responsible for the killing of innocent animals is Islamabad Wild Life Management Board and their department had nothing to with it as the zoo management was handed over to Islamabad Wild Life Management Board from MCI a few months back.  

The fact is that the death of animals and their worsening health is being observed for the last couple of years. During this time, the management of this animal park has gone through the hands of all the parties which are now seen blaming each other for the bad conditions of the zoo park. Whether it be MCI, CDA or Islamabad Wild Life Management Board, none of them succeeded in improving the conditions of the zoo and its animals.  

Apart from this, the Islamabad High Court gave every order related to the transfer of these animals hoping to save them from this cruelty. However, unfortunately all animals except the elephant which were supposed to be saved from this hell have reached their graves. 

Now to investigate the killing of lion and lioness in Islamabad zoo, the government has established an inquiry committee to probe the incident of the killing of lions recently and make the responsible ones accountable.

Based on the interrogations, the inquiry committee will now analyse the causes, factors and circumstances that led to such accident. 

The notification of the establishment of this committee indicates that the final report will be submitted within five days.