On the day that Pakistan marked the first anniversary of India’s unforgivable actions in Indian Illegally Occupied Kashmir (IIOK), two unidentified persons riding a motorcycle threw an RGD-1 grenade at a rally being held in the Gulshan-i-Iqbal area in Karachi. The explosion, which took place near Bait-ul-Mukarram Masjid, injured nearly forty people, with one person in critical condition.

It should not be seen as a coincidence that this attack occurred on a rally that was being held in connection with Youm-i-Istehsal, to remember the “day of exploitation” when India usurped the rights of Kashmiris and forced them into a brutal military siege. It can be witnessed from the discussions in the parliament, on our media or in average living rooms, that Pakistanis, though they may differ on many things, are united in their solidarity for the Kashmiri cause. There is no political party, whether left or right-wing, which has not condemned India for its illegal actions. Thus, the fact that this happened on the occasion of the Kashmir rally points the finger directly at India for this orchestrated attack.

India’s culpability is even more evident as the Sindhudesh Liberation Army, a militant terrorist organisation, has claimed responsibility for it. The connection of Sindhudesh Liberation Army, like other similar outfits, to India, are well-known and can be clearly traced. These outfits enjoy no local support, appear out of nowhere, yet still orchestrate terrorist attacks on days which benefit India—these are sure signs of a non-indigenous, foreign-state actor.

India has its own share of true indigenous separatist movements—such as in IIOK and the Khalistan movement— freedom struggles which are borne from genuine oppression by the Indian state of its individuals. India’s strategy of trying to sow discord in Pakistan in order to distract from the separatist movements within its own borders will not work since Pakistan is united behind the cause of Kashmir. It is unfortunate that instead of learning from its mistakes of clamping down on the freedoms of its own people, India is now trying to silence Pakistan through terrorism instead.