Attock          -       Hassanabdal Police claimed to have resolved the case of death of a man r/o Burhan and found his wife, her paramour and two daughters to be murderers. They have been arrested and sent behind the bars. District Police officer Syed Khalid Hamdani told newsmen that Mohammad Shahfeeq, a resident of Burhan died at his house under mysterious circumstances. The brother of the deceased reported the matter to Hassanabdal Police.   

A team headed by DSP Raja Fayyaz ul Hassan was deputed to dig out the facts. The team took the widow of the man into custody. DPO said that during interrogation, she confessed that she along with her two daughters and her paramour engineered a plan to get rid of her husband as he most of the time subjected her to severe torture. He said that police had arrested all the four accused and sent them behind the bars. 

Incharge HIU Zulfiqar Khan told The Nation that during interrogation, he came to know that Shafiq (the deceased) had been serving abroad for the last many years. Almost five years ago his wife developed illicit relations with Umair, who at that time was a teenage boy. Almost a year ago, Shafiq (the deceased) came back from abroad and established a tailoring shop near his house. Establishing this shop by Shafiq was a great hurdle for his wife to maintain illicit relations with her paramour. She hatched a conspiracy and asked her paramour to start working as a tailor at the shop of her husband. This trick remained successful for a certain time but Shafiq came to know about the illicit relations of his wife with Umair. He without disclosing anything asked Umair not to come to his shop. Shafiq after this mostly used to torture his wife on the one or other pretext. During this period, his wife always used to tell both her daughters that their father was a cruel and bad man, which developed hatred in the hearts of both the sisters against their father. After some time, Shafiq’s wife hatched another plan and asked her paramour to kill Shafiq to get rid of him and also made both her daughters agree to this. Almost a week ago, Umair as per the planning during night went to Shafiq’s house where he along with the lady and her daughters suffocated Shafiq to death. Both the daughters of the deceased are matriculate. Umair who is now almost 22-year-old is also from the same locality whose father and one brother are dumper drivers.