In the beginning of 2008 HEC announced that the government wanted to establish a new technical university under Universities of Engineering, Science and Technology of Pakistan (UESTP) Program with the collaboration of Italy. The UESTP-Italy would be in Karachi to start its undergraduate courses in 2010. Some of the faculty for the UESTP will come from the partner university i.e. Politecnico di Torino of Italy while the remainder would be taken from the host country, Pakistan. In order to develop the Pakistani faculty for UESTP, about 80 Pakistani nationals were given scholarships for the completion of higher studies - MS/ME leading to a PhD or direct PhD. The undersigned was one of those selected for a 4-year PhD Program under this scheme. Now, however, when we have acquired visas and other necessary documents, that have cost us around 50 thousand rupees each, the HEC has suddenly decided to cancel this scholarship. The amount we have spent does not matter a lot but the time and effort we have spent for this does a whole lot more. Our dreams of getting higher education are demolished. Kindly highlight this issue and request the government not to kill such projects so off-handedly, as they are very important for development of Pakistan. -MUHAMMAD IMRAN SHAHZAD, via e-mail, November 30.