LAHORE-PML-N Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif has observed that orders of the Supreme Court restricting the Standing Committee of the National Assembly not to discuss the issue of marks given to Chief Justice's daughter, are contrary to the concept of supremacy of the Parliament and Speaker NA must declare the orders as null and void through a ruling. 'Those who try to impede supremacy of the Parliament, will be opposed sternly, as the Parliament is the supreme institution of the country and no other institution can either stop it from legislation or reviewing any other matter', he said. He was talking to media here at his Raiwind residence on Saturday. He charged that the present democratic dispensation was a continuation of the Musharraf era. Earlier, former US Presidential candidate Senator John McCain, alongwith his 9-member delegation, called on Nawaz Sharif. Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif, PML-N leaders Ishaq Dar, Ahsan Iqbal, Ch Nisar Ali Khan and Khawaja Muhammad Asif were also present on the occasion. Nawaz Sharif and Senator McCain discussed issues of bilateral interest and exchanged views on changed scenario in the region after Mumbai terrorist attacks. However, while addressing the Press conference Nawaz Sharif did not give reply to any questions of the mediamen regarding the meeting between them. He was of the view that Ahsan Iqbal had already briefed the media about the meeting. Nawaz Sharif maintained that the present judiciary had taken oath under the Provisional Constitutional Order. 'Many people have sacrificed their lives for the independence of the judiciary and supremacy of the Parliament, therefore, no compromise will be made in this regard. The nation will stand against the injustices', he added, while raising a question 'if additional marks could be given to Justice Abdul Hameed Dogar's daughter, what is the fault of other people's daughters?'. 'It is a personal matter of Justice Dogar, not of the Supreme Court. Speaker NA Dr Fehmida Mirza should take notice of the issue, and allow debate on this in the Parliament, as it is a matter of the whole nation', said Nawaz Sharif while appealing to Dr Mirza for considering the issue for discussion on NA floor saying that if this issue were neglected, it would become a tradition. He maintained that the supremacy of the Parliament was a right of the masses. 'Nothing has changed after February 18, as the present govt is a continuation of the Musharraf regime. Pakistan is facing internal and external challenges, and the govt must resolve all disputes for tackling external challenges in a better way. 'The rulers and nation are facing consequences of unwise decisions made by a dictator during the last over eight years, while the present incumbents will have to take pragmatic decisions', he said emphasising the need for telling the nation about the secret agreements made by General (Retd) Pervez Musharraf. He said if the present regime did not restore judge any future govt would do the job. However he did not give time frame about the new govt. Nawaz asked India to provide proofs about Pakistan's involvement in the Mumbai attacks instead of indulging in blame game. 'On the other hand, the world must respect Pakistan's sovereignty and territorial integrity. Moreover, the govt should take a principled stance on strikes in Pakistan. No implementation has been made so far on the resolution unanimously adopted by the Parliament', he said. Nawaz vowed to continue reminding the PPP for abolishing the 17th Amendment in accordance with mutually signed Charter of Democracy. He avoided responding questions on the behaviour of Governor Salman Taseer. Moreover, PML-N Information Secretary Ahsan Iqbal, while briefing the media about meeting between Nawaz Sharif and John McCain said issues regarding mutual interest, regional situation and Pak-India relations were discussed. The meeting that lasted more than 45 minutes, and both leaders agreed on forming better relations between Pakistan and India for a stable region. 'Nawaz made it clear to John McCain that there could be no compromise on the national security and integrity of the country', said Ahsan Iqbal quoting Nawaz Sharif. 'Nawaz called for a halt to the US air strikes on the tribal areas. The US should hold talks with the tribesmen instead of using force against them. Nawaz Sharif also sought interference of the US administration in defusing tensions between Pakistan and India', he said ,adding, that there was a consensus between both the leaders for defusing the tensions between two nuclear neighbours, as war would be destructive for the whole region. 'PML-N Chief accused the Indian government for blaming Pakistan without any evidence. Pakistan is itself a victim of terrorism, and wants to have good relations with its neighbours', he added. 'Nawaz told John McCain that India is levelling allegation against Pakistan sans evidence. Relations between Pakistan and India can be normalised through a better strategy while joint efforts are needed to overcome the situation," Ahsan said. Ahsan said that Senator John McCain informed Nawaz Sharif that US President-elect Barack Obama wanted to have strong ties with Pakistan.