LAHORE - For the second day running in this three rounds contest for the Aquafina Royal Palm Team Trophy, Gujranwala team continues to occupy the leaderboard position although Royal Palm team is barely four strokes in arrears which in a team event is a margin of no consequence. Yet, as the team competition has proceeded over the two rounds all credit to Gujranwala team for having combined so well , remaining unnerved by the strength of their opponents and carving out the top slot position through steady play and risk free hitting. In the second round yesterday Muhammed Safdar again produced a round bordering on excellence, his 72 keeping the other contenders at bay. In his efforts , the team mate who supported him was Saleem Raza who inspite of his slight physical disability played well enough to come up with a round of 79 on a very demanding course. Saleem Raza seems to be a player with immense mental strength which is helping him to make an impact in the golfing arenas. The third team whose score of 80 got counted in the aggregate team score was Sahkeel Ahmed. As the teams stand, going into the final round Gujranwala has an aggregate team score of 464, followed by Royal Palm at 468, Karachi Golf Club at 472, Gymkhana at 477. The other teams taking part in the competition are too far behind to have any chance of making an impact on the final day on Sunday. Infact Royal Palm team comprising Sardar Murad, Amir Mehmood, Muhammad Rehman, Waqar Saigol are the only ones in a position to upset Gujranwala teams march to the ultimate title. The fight for Challenge shield came to an end yesterday and his first rounds score was net 70 followed by a net 69 yesterday and a winning aggregate of 139, which reflects a superb effort. Runner up position fell to Kamran Ashraf. Individual gross standing in the fight for Gross Cup seems to favour M. Safdar, his scores being gross 70 and 72. Waseem Rana of Karachi is seven strokes behind and hardly in a position to threaten Safdar on the last day. Ali Hai of Karachi is at 153.