In 305 BC, Chandra Gupta Maurya had established an empire in Northern India. The king was assisted by an able minister "Chanakaya". Chanakaya, also named Kautalia is the author of Artha Shastra - a treatise on state-craft. The book contained various artifices to deal with enemy in peace and war. 'Artha' allowed war to get extra territory to provide new sources of food and raw material. If one looks with a penetrating eye into the last six decades, one will see India embarked on board of Kautaliya's ship. Ever since the creation of Pakistan, a segment of its population has been looking towards India as our well-wisher. The first gift that came from India was a forced occupation of Kashmir through a trio-conspiracy of India; the British, our old masters and the outgoing Maharaja of State of Kashmir, Gulab Singh. We believed readily when India agreed to hold "Referendum" on Kashmir to settle the self-determination of the Kashmiris to join Pakistan or Indian Dominion. Sixty years have gone past that India is sitting tight in the Held Kashmir using its army by violating all UN resolutions and with UN mission in situ. It still remains an unfinished "Agenda" of the Indo-Pak Partition. In 1965, India launched a full-fledged war to eliminate Pakistan. Pak Army and Air force frustrated the India's aspiration. After a space of six years, India in its unholy pursuit of disintegrating, Pakistan physically and treacherously attacked the one thousand miles away Eastern wing of Pakistan by subverting its population and training its youth "Mukti Bahini Force" in 1971. Not long after, some of our intellectuals and leaders started singing the Indian songs. India in a friendly tone promised once again to solve the Kashmir problem but on a bilateral level (which means no third party can intervene). Another thirty years have gone with no progress. In 1983, India sneaked to sit behind us in Siachin Glaciers. Another issue was created to eclipse the main bone of contention - Kashmir. After the departure of Ziaul Haq in 1988, an epoch of four democratic stints appeared in Pakistan in quick succession, Kashmir was not in the news. It was a peaceful decade; India was very friendly with Pakistan. Then suddenly a 'World - Shaker Event' of 9/11 occurred in 2001. The USA, though located away at a safe distance from the epicenter of trouble felt vulnerable. Jitters ran through its nerves, when Pentagon was under attack by an unknown foe. The lone superpower threw ultimatums to the world to side with it or face it. Osama bin Laden's HQ was chosen as the target. Afghanistan was attacked by the allies of US. While India emitted all signals to be a frontline ally with America, Pakistan was given preference due to its geographical situation. According to some experts, India lost a chance to squeeze Pakistan into the Afghanistan imbroglio of 2001. It nevertheless remained active when the Taliban were on the run. It opened a number of consulates close to Pak-Afghan border. In fact, India had a great hand of mischief in keeping the either side of the Durand Line open, if we go into the depth of the activities of Indian composite force in Afghanistan. Ever since the start of Afghanistan war, we find that it is India who has been obstructing the NATO plans to succeed against the Taliban. The creation of suicide squads with huge quantity of explosives and money is said to be the handiwork of a foreign hand. Now we know the foreign hand but the most intriguing part of the story is that US/ NATO has been encouraging India's role of de-accelerating the NATO progress. At times, it appears that the US may allow the situation in FATA and along Pak-Afghan border further deteriorate and give the reins to India who will be supported by some CAS states through Mr Karzai. India is already being projected by the US and the West as the Regional Superpower. Why do our roving pseudo intellectuals and many politicians with no commitments to the ideology of Pakistan look towards India to find a messiah. India's construction of the Baglihar Dam on Chenab River in IHK, a violation of the Indus Basin Agreement, has now exposed its wanton desire to dry up the Chenab before it reaches Pakistan. The far-sighted planning of the forcible occupation of Kashmir by India even before the partition, betrays its nefarious designs to strangulate Pakistan's water supply sources which lie in the valley of Kashmir. History, the 'custodian' of the past events, seldom hides the truth. History if unpolluted, provides a real index of the veracity of the features which existed in the distant times. India, after many centuries of Muslim rule followed by the British domination, has got respite to raise its head at the international level. India within the first two decades of its independence attacked Pakistan to devour it. It locked horns with China in 1962 in NEFA. In 1971, it assaulted East Pakistan and broke Pakistan into two. It created an enemy against Sri Lanka in the South, while in Nepal on June 1, 2001, the entire Royal family was massacred under mysterious circumstances in the Castle whose security was under the Congress Party of Nepal; the brother of the slain king was then hunting somewhere in India on the fateful night, and he was picked up as the next monarch. India has been the fountain head of all troubles and problems for Pakistan. Throughout the sixty years of Pakistan, India's top concern has been to bring harm to its existence. Occupation of Kashmir State by force; effort in 1947 to keep NWFP out of Pakistan by India and Afghanistan; massacre of the Muslims migrating to Pakistan in 1947; Indian Army action in Runn of Kutch in April 1965; full fledged war in September 1965 to destroy Pakistan; initiative to create insurgency followed by India's attack on East Pakistan in 1971; surprise occupation of Siachen in 1983; construction of Baghliar Dam, destruction of Babri Mosque and killing thousands of Muslims in its wake while blaming Pakistan; December 2001 attack on the Indian Parliament by only five persons - a badly staged drama and calling the attackers as Pakistanis - India thereafter moved its army in aggressive state to threaten Pakistan. There have been many incidents created by India to keep Pakistan under pressure as a Sword of Damocles. The bottomline throughout the last six decades has been that India is avowed to eliminate Pakistan. It will never lose an opportunity to cause maximum damage to Pakistan whenever it is possible. Pakistan has to remain prepared and vigilant against India's tricks of Kautaliya. They are living in a fool's paradise who think that India will ever be a true friend of Pakistan. The writer is a retired brigadier Letters