KARACHI - The CNG Stations Owners Association has demanded reduction in the prices of CNG. "There are more than 3000 CNG stations across the country. More than 2 million vehicles are converted into CNG and more than 60 billion has been invested in this regard. The local and foreign investors have invested more than 75 billion in this industry. We have reduced the petrol bill of Pakistan up to 11 billion," said Chairman CNG Stations Owners Association Baksh said at a press briefing here on Saturday. When CNG industry was at its initial stages, the government has decided to keep 50% difference between the prices of CNG and petrol. This difference also hiked up to 67 % during the time when petrol prices were at peak. Now, the difference has been reduced up to 47 % due to low petrol prices. It's our demand that the government should reduce the CNG prices as well in order to provide relief to the public and the investor," he further added. The amount of investment in CNG industry is 300 times higher than that of petroleum industry. It is much safer and cleaner way of fuel usage," he adds. The government should support and encourage investment in CNG sector. Government should also provide subsidy to this industry. The difference between the mileages of petrol and CNG stands at 44.87 %. The CNG dealers and owners have only 1.46 % of the profit," said Sami, chairman CNG dealers association. The price of CNG will be decided in the next meeting of ECC. It is note worthy here that the consumption of gas by the CNG stations is only 6.5 % to the over all production of it," he added.