LAHORE - It took the Punjab government more than seven days to transfer the District Coordination Officer Mandi Bahauddin for misbehaving with two Member Punjab Assembly despite the recommendation of the Privilege Committee of the provincial Assembly on November 28. On Saturday - virtually the last working day of the provincial administration prior to the Eid holidays - DCO Mandi Bahauddin Waheed Akhtar Ansari was directed to report to the Services and General Administration Department for further orders though the MPAs had demanded his suspension, while the Treasury - mainly represented by Minister Law Rana Sanaullah - had assured the coalition partners, that is, the PPP, an immediate action quoting CM Punjab Shahbaz maintaining that the latter was for giving due respect to the provincial parliamentarians, and getting the Committee' recommendations implemented fully. Executive District Officer (Revenue) Nankana Sahib Hafiz Muhammad Ilyas, who is presently on mandatory training at the Management and Professional Development Department, has been transferred and posted as DCO Mandi Bahauddin. During the last session of the Assembly, it was for consecutive two days when the PA discussed the issue of maltreatment by Waheed Ansari meted out to two MPAs Asif Bashir Baghat and Tariq Mehmood, who were vociferously supported by their another fellow Syed Hassan Murtaza. It was on November 28 - when the PA was in session - the government decided to transfer the DCO for misbehaving and creating law and order situation in the District. This was done after a recommendation in this regard by the Privilege Committee. Earlier, on November 27 the PPP MPAs virtually brought the House proceedings to a halt - it was issue of day on the penultimate day of the 10th session - till the Treasury had to swallow the pungent pill of sending the Privilege Motion to the Privilege Committee. Next day, the Committee recommended Waheed Ansari's transfer, and MPAs demand for suspending the DCO was not entertained, which depicted the government's attitude of giving the administration a free hand for getting things done for the present political dispensation despite the fact that DCO was accused of creating law and order situation by displaying banners against the MPAs. However, the Committee gave a unanimous decision for transferring the DCO, who had arrived as per his sweet will after making the Committee wait for him till 7 pm, which is for about seven hours. Waheed Ansari is a real brother of another senior bureaucrat Saeed Akhtar Ansari, and is also politically well-connected as he is said to be a close relative PML-N MPA Haji Muhammad Naeem Safdar Ansari. Waheed Ansari had accepted to the Committee that he had put up banners against the MPAs. "This could have resulted in creating law and order situation in the District. Instead of taking disciplinary action against the DCO, the Committee went for 'softer punishment' of just transferring him, even that is after seven days. What message is being communicated to other officers?" quizzed a senior officer maintaining that punishing Waheed Ansari could have been made an example for others, who should never try to go beyond the purview of the law. "Perhaps this is an endorsement to the fact that an influential officer can behave recklessly, and can go unpunished," added the officer seeking anonymity.