Fashion is term that is usually associated with a style, manner or trend of how you dress yourself and how you do make up. Therefore, those of us who are stylish and up-to-date in their dresses according to the latest trends are considered to be the fashionable people. Before we go into the details of what is in and what is out, let us first look into an issue that may be raised from within our homes by our grandpas and grandmas or even by someone from a relatively younger generation that is why fashion? Cannot we do away with it? Is that some necessary part our personality? Do we really need to promote a fashion in our society? Yes There are many good reasons in the defense of fashion. The most important reason is that in the age of globalisation and media, the fashions are there at our doorsteps. But we do not, in fact, need these fashions; we need a fashion, a fashion of our own. And if we would not take steps to introduce some trends that add to the beauty and attraction of our personalities, our masses especially youth would be following those introduced on other countries, by other nations and in other cultures. In this way, there some alien fashion will march into our country. Now I can assure you that our grandmas would not prefer a half dress to a fashionable shalwar qameez Thus, fashion does not mean something wrong. It is something different that makes you charming. Now all normal beings - at least women - of this age would have come across the moments self-inquiring as what should be done to look cool, in, trendy and dressed to kill. Worry not It is very simply to be up-to-the-minute. First, if you are handsome, especially youth, wear colours. Now, which colour comes in mind when we listen to the word colour? Yeah, you are write; RED. Nowadays, it is not just a bridal colour. It is in among young girls who wear it boldly to add colours to their lives. Fortunately, the fashion designers of our part of the world are also noticing this demand and blending it very beautifully with some other colour. But stop Don't go mad behind colours. Follow the natural colour scheme. Consider their associated with seasons and environment. Wearing black on a field assignment in a hot summer day would do little to uplift your personality. Too much about colour Secondly, the factor of suitability is very important in the selection of fashion because in a society there are many parallel fashions popular at a time. Therefore. Instead of going blindly any one, we should choose what suits our personality. We should keep our complexion, colour, age and weight in our minds. The one with sanwli or back skin would hardly look attractive with black dress - this may be required in the days of blackout. The one with bulky body should better wear loose and leafy dresses. The factor of age is also considered, at least, in our lower middle, middle and middle upper class families. Therefore, to look and stylish at the same time according to ones age becomes an uphill task. At the end of the day, we can make three conclusion: Fashion is need of the day; so give some time to your fashion; consider the time and space, personality and age factors etc.