LAHORE - Police officials thrashed a young motorcyclist with punches and kicks on Lahore Canal Road near Doctors' Hospital when he tried to violate a blockade set up for the VVIP route on Saturday. An eyewitness said that the traffic wardens and other policemen suddenly stopped all sorts of traffic on the Lahore Canal Road near Doctors' Hospital from all sides and directed the motorists and other pedestrians to stop their movement till the passage of the motorcade. Meanwhile, a number of policemen also came on the road to assist the traffic wardens and pointed their guns towards the motorists to stop any movement. As the policemen were fully set in position to see off the VVIP motorcade, suddenly a young motorcyclist tried to cross the road from where the VVIP was due to pass. Noticing unwanted movement, an on-duty traffic warden reacted with speed of lightening and overwhelmed the youth, but not before thrashing him with punches and kicks, while the other motorists watched the scene as silent spectators. As a consequence, the youngster and his bike fell many yards away from the site. Resultantly, the youth sustained multiple injuries on his face, arms and legs. Hats off to the youth. After receiving the thrashing, the youth stood up and protested against the humiliating attitude meted out to him by the policemen in the presence of scores of people. In the meantime the VVIP motorcade passed from the site. The policemen took a sigh of relief and later gathered around the victim youth. The traffic warden who had treated the youth with kicks came close to him and asked him to apologise. The victim motorcyclist with tears in his eyes did not reply, took his motorcycle and went away from the spot.