PTI chairman Imran Khan fears that 2.5 million acres of land would turn barren just because the rulers are not taking up the issue of Chenab water with India seriously. This is just another issue that he has pointed out besides repeatedly calling for restoration of the deposed Chief Justice of Pakistan and stoppage of the army operation in the Tribal Areas. In fact he was the first politician of Pakistan who roundly rejected use of force and military action when it was started back in 2004. Pakistan is faced with multifaceted problems ranging from the water issue, the energy crisis, political instability and a forced war on terror that is making foreign investments evaporate from this country. For any other under-developed country, the leadership takes it upon itself to take every possible step to put its indigenous resources to best use rather than looking towards others for borrowing. They build small dams to meet the local requirements of energy and these dams also help in providing sufficient water to the agriculture. India is a prime example of self-help in this regard as it plans to surge next to China, the economic giant of the region. In Pakistan, Imran Khan is the only politician who is not ready to compromise on these ideals. -RAFAT MAHMOOD ANSARI, Islamabad, via e-mail, November 26.