I am one of those people who go the extra mile to maintain their cars. And I always buy a new car after a lot of performance evaluations and market study and then keep it in an immaculate condition. I also take pain to secure my vehicle with proper insurance, tracking system and alarms etc. Despite all this, I lost one of my favourite cars a year back when it was snatched from me at gunpoint. A lot of effort was made by the vehicle tracking company whose security system had been installed on board but they were not able to locate my car or immobilize it. They told me that the car thief had used some sort of a signal-jamming device to make the car untraceable. Although the insurance company soon replaced the car, I have never been able to get the same feel and driving pleasure that I derived from my previous vehicle. I have a new car now for which I did a lot of market research to discover a tracking company that supplies an 'anti-jamming' device. That effectively enhances vehicle protection against signal jamming devices. I would urge all car-lovers to consider anti-jamming protection for their car to protect themselves against the menace of car lifting. -REHAN ALI, Karachi, December 4.