The terrorists have been wiped out from their hide outs and are on the run, their network disintegrated. But we should not underestimate them because they are still a serious threat to our national security. Instead of directly controlling the areas they inhabit or showing their presence, now they have adopted the policy of target-killings and random blasting in different locations, recent examples being the attacks on Dr. Shamsher Ali and the E-8 blast in Islamabad. No doubt, the military operation was successful and the writ of the government was established after a lot of sacrifices by the public as well as the Army. But the militants have no other option except to fight and they are now running into the settled areas where they can spread fear and chaos through suicide attacks. Most important at this point of time is to sustain peace and stability, not just in the Pushtun areas but throughout the country. The need of the hour is to transform the Pushtun areas from arms-making factories to industrialized areas that churn out products of household use for the families so that people are provided opportunities of employment in an honorable manner. They should be treated as equal citizens of the country rather than mere instrument in the war on terror. We should utilize the full potential of the Pushtun nation for development. -MUNIM SHAH, Lahore, December 3.