ISLAMABAD (APP) - Like their compatriots elsewhere in the country, the police in the national capital have added a golden chapter in their history, written with blood of their martyrs. The courageous role played by the police in the capital has won hearts of people as the brave custodians of law and order prevented many disasters by timely nabbing would-be suicide bombers. As many as 51 police officers and jawans of the capital died in line of duty combating terrorists. These terrorists committed several subversive acts over the last few years resulting in loss of many precious lives and injuries to many others. According to official count, 72 terrorists and their masterminds were arrested from different parts of the capital where they penetrated despite most stringent security measures. The police martyrs, mostly hailing from Punjab and North West Frontier Province, lie buried in their home towns and villages. They were laid to rest with full honors, with grave stones reminding of their martyrdom in the cause of national security. They died in the prime of life and we have and would do everything possible for upkeep of their families, said Inspector General of Police Syed Kaleem Imam. These brave policemen, no doubt, had left the scene after performing their specific roles but the perennial mark they left upon the face of society would continue to mould spirits of their successors to follow their path with a renewed commitment and fervour. Police is basically a risky job and police officer has to handle brutal and mindless violence. Everyone is proud that Islamabad Police has always kept dictum of duty beforeself and the entire nation and the police department is proud of its brave and gallant Shaheeds. Around 41 officers and jawans sacrificed their lives for their country during the last five years while ten others before this period. Shaheeds of Islamabad police are Inspector Muhammad Tufail, ASI Lehrasab Khan, ASI Safdar Ali, Constable Tariq Aziz, Head Constable Mukhtar Ahmed, Constable Nasir Mehmood, Constable Muhammad Ashraf, Constable Shahid Mehmood, Head Constable Abdul Majeed Qadir, Constable Zaheer Iqbal, Constable Muhammad Arshad, Constable Muhammad Ikhlaq Nazir Khan, Constable Muhammad Riaz, Constable Abdul Manan, Constable Khalid Mehmood, Constable Meraj Din, Constable Nasir Mehmood, Head Constable Mukhtar Ahmed, Constable Imtiaz Ahmed, Constable Muhammad Aslam, ASI Azan Khan, Constable Tanveer Ahmed, Constable Liaqat Ali, Constable Shahbaz Ahmed, Constable Ghulam Shabbir, Constable Naseer Ahmed, Constable Mukhtar Ali, Constable Muhammad Zaman, ASI Khursheed Ahmed, Constable Wajid Hussain, Constable Muhammad Afzal, Constable Javed Ahmed, Constable Javed Iqbal, Constable Muhammad Jameel Khan, Constable Muhammad Saeed, Constable Muhammad Aslam, Lady Constable Nusrat Perveen, Constable Ghulam Sarwar, Constable Sultan Mehmood, Inspector Safdar Hussain, Sub-Inspector Zafar Iqbal, Head Constable Hasanat Ahmed, Constable Ameer Mukhtar and others. , Constable Muhammad Ilyas, Constable Aftab Hussain, Head Constable Muhammad Waheed, Constable Shah Faisal, Head Constable Salah Uddin, Constable Munawar Hussain, Constable Muhammad Iqbal and Muhammad Ashraf. As a mark of respect and to pay tributes to these sons of soil, monuments have been erected at the Melody Chowk and at Police Line Headquarters. Their role against terrorism has been acknowledged at international level and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in her recent visit to Pakistan specially went to Police Line to pay respect to these brave policemen. She also met with their family members and appreciated the valiant soldiers who sacrificed their lives for peace in the world. Special fund has been created by the government for the financial help to the families of martyred personnel and for the education of their children. President Asif Ali Zardari had also delivered the cheques among the family members of the martyred personnel who laid down their lives for the country. Islamabad Police, Syed Kaleem Imam said, has also given jobs to the children of martyrs so that they can meet their expenses in a responsible way. Twenty-year old young man, Nisar Safdar is son of the brave policeman Inspector Safdar who embraced martyrdom during special duty at Lal mosque on July 6, 2008 in a suicide explosion near Melody Chowk. He is presently getting increased salary of over Rs 17000 while serving at Police Line Headquarters. Following footprints of his late father, he carries a strong desire to defend his country in a manner which will make all his companions and countrymen proud. He assumed his duties after the offer by Islamabad police and is determined to carry out the mission of his Shaheed father. The tragic death of my father no doubt was a great tragedy but our resolve against terrorism is unshaken, he said. I am the son of that mother who lost the sole bread earner in the line of duty and she will never hesitate to bring her other siblings to lay down their lives for defending the motherland.