ISLAMABAD - A Pakistani doctor sought financial help from the government to make final experiments in the field of medicine, which she claimed proved to be a cure for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and to make it beneficial for the whole humanity. Dr Firdous Nasim Qureshi, Director Nasim Memorial Hospital, Sunday claimed in a press conference at National Press Club that after hectic research of nine years she had succeeded in inventing cure for Anti-Immunity Deficiency Syndromes (AIDS). Firdous said that after her successful research on different herbals in various Pakistani laboratories she introduced a medicine which could help in eradication of AIDS and now for the final tests on HIV positive patients and for medicines registration she needed financial help from the government. For the purpose I have taken guidelines from Quran and Hadiths besides previous research held in this regard and I derived the formula of this medicine from Black Seed (kalonji) used as natural herb, she informed. She added that in her limited resources she had established a mini-lab at her home for the purpose and carried out her research, so far, without any financial help from any government or private organization but now she was in dire need of financial help for further research. However, a PIMS senior Doctor while talking to TheNation said that there was no cure for AIDS. Although antiretroviral treatment could suppress HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, and could delay illness for many years, it cannot clear the virus completely, he said. There is no confirmed case of a person getting rid of HIV infection. Sadly, this did not stop countless quacks and con artists touting unproven, often dangerous 'AIDS cures to desperate people, he added. Dr Firdous had completed her MBBS from Sindh Medical College, Karachi and DHMS from Muhammadi Medical College. She has completed her research work in Sindh Services Hospital with the consultation of National Institute of Health. Besides working as Director Nasim Memorial Hospital she has also been working as senior Gynaecologist in Nursing Hospital.