The Eid past was Eid Qurban, and no one could claim to have truly celebrated it unless they had upset their stomachs. The holidays might have been plentiful, and the visit to the village a great success, but unless the stomach finally collapsed under the weight of goat meat, the Eid was not truly celebrated. The Eid was otherwise probably all right, for Mufti Muneeb gave his gracious permission for it to be celebrated. Maybe Im not remembering aright, but this happens every year. For Eidul Fitr, there is a great dispute over the moon, and everyone disagrees with Mufti Muneeb over the sighting of the Shawwal moon. But only two months down the line, there is never any dispute over the sighting of the Zul Hijja moon, which determines the celebration of Eidul Azha. Even Mufti Muneeb has not been able to stir up any emotion over it. But while he is not stirring emotion, the local Taliban are trying hard. First they attacked Naval Headquarters, then they attacked a Friday congregation in Rawalpindi, which was largely attended by Army personnel, some of them retired, like General Yousaf, the retired Vice-Chief, who was among the injured. No wonder his chief, General Musharraf, is staying abroad in exile, even though he has been provided an ex-Presidents security. But he has not been allowed to top the security of a police chief, which involves stopping the traffic on the road in front. Ex-Presidents, who by the nature of their jobs, must be under as much threat as Lahore police chiefs, so should get the same security, like digging up the road in front of their offices. I mean, who would know that they had been president if they didnt make a nuisance of themselves to their neighbourhood? The official explanation for these attacks has been the success of the Army in the tribal areas. Well, if this is the price of success, why attack the Navy, which does not even have a boat committed in the tribal areas? It has been mainly Army, with backing from the PAF, involved in the operation. However, in Rawalpindi, there were children killed, which shows that even if the schools are closed, the terrorists will strike at children successfully if it is indeed fated. It will also show that life can be taken away in the safety of Rawalpindi, of a Friday congregation, and of being retired. But what the killing of children has not led to, has been the closing of schools. Actually, in the hits on educational institutions so far, those students killed have been young adults rather than children, so Rawalpindi probably represented the militants having murdered children for the first time. They also kept up what seems to have become a tradition, that of attacking Friday congregations. However, we are not losing our children to militants, but to doctors, those who claim to have a cure for them. Look at the latest example of a child being killed by the negligence of the medical staff, with the attending doctor being condemned by his hospital, but spirited away so that he could escape the music. Who needs a terrorist when you have got a Hindu doctor around? The hospital, which caters to the provinces elite, has neither been shut down nor taken over by the Punjab government. Well, government hospitals dont do much better, for children didnt begin dying at private hospitals, but at government ones. However, whatever is done, the departed, a little girl who was admitted because she had scalded her fingers, will not be brought back to life. Someone who will probably be brought back to life is Mir Murtaza Bhutto, whose murder trial ended with the acquittal of all accused. What the court has found is that neither did the police story hold any water, nor did that of the rest of the accused. So that means there was a third set of murderers. Or maybe Mir Murtaza was not murdered in the first place. Nor were seven others. However, this is the case in which President Asif Zardari has already been acquitted. Other cases depended on the NRO to be removed, and now the NRO itself is under challenge in the Supreme Court itself. And this is a Supreme Court which, because of the lawyers movement, is no longer reliable, and will not protect a President of Pakistan if it believes the rule of law must be upheld.