KUALA LUMPUR/TEHRAN (AFP) - Malaysia said Sunday it has recalled its envoy to the UN in Vienna following an International Atomic Energy Agency vote to censure Iran over its nuclear programme. Malaysia, along with Venezuela and Cuba, voted against the November 27 IAEA resolution which demanded that Iran halt construction of a uranium enrichment site kept secret until recently. The voting was not in accordance with the procedures of the government, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement, without elaborating. Therefore the Minister of Foreign Affairs has instructed the permanent representative of Malaysia to the UN in Vienna to return to Malaysia for consultations, it said. Of the 35-member IAEA board of governors, 25 countries voted in favour of the resolution, which had been sponsored by Britain, France, the United States, Russia, China and Germany. Address thousands of people to mark a major ceremony on Sunday, Irans supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei lashed out at Britain and the US, labelling them Tehrans main enemies and warning they will fail to isolate Iran over its nuclear issue. Americans are at the head of the list of enemies and the British are the most awful of them, state television reported Khamenei as saying. Americans, Zionists and other oppressive powers tried to isolate Iran for the past 30 years, but they failed and with Allahs help they will also fail in the future, Khamenei said in reaction to sustained Western threats to isolate Iran over its atomic programme. He said Western powers led by Washington are lying when they claim Tehrans nuclear programme is aimed at producing nuclear weapons. We ask them to stop lying and as we have said in the past the Iranian nation is pursuing nuclear technology and if we do not achieve it today, then tomorrow when the world economy is driven by nuclear power we will be late, the cleric said, re-asserting that Irans nuclear intent is entirely peaceful. The Iranian nation wants to achieve it so that it does not have to beg to Westerners 20 or 30 years later. But the Westerners through the false campaign are preventing us from getting it. He also said when the oppressive powers fail to achieve their goal against a country through threats of military action or sanctions, then they start saying that there is a division inside that country. We have to be careful as the enemy will launch propaganda to say that there is division.