ISLAMABAD (APP) - On rising demands of visually impaired persons to install 'Talking ATM Machines, Ministry of Social Welfare and Special Education is holding discussions with banks to devise a plan for upgrading the already functioning Automotive Teller Machines (ATM). The Ministry through the State Bank of Pakistan has issued directions to the banks to open individual accounts for the visually impaired persons instead of a joint account to facilitate the visually impaired persons and make them a productive member of society. The banks are also advised to explain the soft terms and conditions set for operating these accounts, an official in the ministry told this agency. According to the directives issues by the ministry to all national and private banks, the visually impaired persons would be allowed to open their individual accounts. Considering the issue of 'Talking ATM, the ministry has been holding meetings with the management of banks to facilitate the blind persons in a minimum cost, the official said. Installing separate ATMs for this purpose will be a costly project while keeping in view the feasibility of the project, the ministry was focusing on upgrading the already working ATM machines with some new features, the official added. The ministry has issued special identity cards to the entire disabled community having a logo of a disabled person on wheel chair in order to facilitate the special persons with discount in fairs during traveling. It is a step towards independence and empowerment of persons with disability and will ensure their contribution in the progress of the country, the official remarked. The ministry was also endeavoring to introduce a micro-credit scheme for disable persons as a top priority in order to bring social empowerment for persons with disability. In this regard, the ministry was having consultations with banks to decide an easy way of providing loans to disabled with a minimum interest. This endeavor would enable the persons with disability to be independent through small scale business with proper finance in soft terms and conditions. These efforts will bring substantial change in living standards of these persons and will move forward in making Pakistan a disabled friendly state of the world, the official concluded.