The Govt College of Chakwal, considered by some to be the largest college of Punjab by area, presents a gloomy picture. Major subjects like English Literature, Urdu Literature, International Relations etc are not even taught at the graduation level here. A number of departments lack the desired strength of teachers. The English Department, for instance, requires fifteen teachers but has only five (including my own great teacher, Sajjad Hussain, due to whose efforts I am today able to write letters to newspaper of record). The district of Chakwal has population of more than a million. For a population as high in numbers as this, a university for the youth is a most essential facility. This facility can be easily provided by upgrading the Govt College Chakwal to give it the status of a university. There is adequate space here to add as much as one would want. Another major problem of the district is lack of a modern and well-equipped hospital. Many a critical patient has to be sent to Rawalpindi, as the District Headquarters Hospital is just not good enough. -NABEEL ANWAR DHAKKU, Chakwal, December 4.