RAWALPINDI - A Swat-based political activist of PML-N, who had narrowly escaped in an attempt of his life by some miscreants some days ago, has appealed the government to provide him security as his life is in danger. Najad Khan, an active member of PML-N Swat, told TheNation on Sunday that some unknown gunmen attacked him when he was present in front of his residence at Malookabad Rang Mohallah, Swat. He said that he was still being threatened by some quarters of militants of dire consequences. He said that his life was in danger and government should take urgent steps to provide protection to the common man and especially political activists. He said that in fear of militants he had taken refuge in a Punjab city. Najad Khan was of view that he had no enmity with any one but was making the masses aware about the nefarious designs of militants engaged against security forces in Malakand Division. This had struck the minds of miscreants and that was the cause of attacking him. He said that he was committed to his political aim being left to him by his father Naik Muhammad, the prominent political activist of the area.