ISLAMABAD - Almost all political forces, from ruling coalition leader to a minor opposition party, busy in playing politics in the wake of critical state of both economy and security have badly hurt the sentiment of the short-term portfolio trade in the local bourses. Until recently the foreign players have been discounting any impact of the domestic political perplexities. Local market performance during the week ending Friday last now indicated that the foreign fund managers were also on the margin hunt in either direction. The week under review was shortened to start with by the Eidul Azha holidays lasting till Monday last. Thus the week that was, started with a bearish Tuesday ended with the same negative note. The second session of the week, however, managed to recover partially. Pundits attributed the Wednesday last gain of less than a percentile to the covering of short sales by most of the players rather a recovery per say. Initially, the analysts believe, the market opened following the bearish trends in the Middle Eastern Stock Exchanges due to the Dubai financial crisis. Therefore, after losing over a couple of percentiles during the opening session, the market could do better by less than a percentile during the following session chiefly for short covering. Benchmark performance during the second last and the last sessions of trade clearly indicated the wait and see approach on part of the majority traders. Insiders believe that the foreign players, too, have preferred cautious activity as compared to previously playing bullish. They probably have already had the available juice in the stocks listed on the local bourses. Trade on Thursday last went absolutely directionless followed by Friday losing nearly a percentile. Analysts were of the view that major factors moving the local stock market including the law and order, the economic fundamentals, and prevalent political scenario lacking certainty were not conducive to the growth of short-term investment. They observed that the political 'will required for cushioning the investor friendly security as well as economy was nowhere in sight. Contrary to the expression of the political will, the incumbent political dispensations appeared lacking even political strength prerequisite to sustainability. Irrespective of the political divide, the political parties are preoccupied with the problems of survival and longevity of the rule. Thus the critical issues confronting the nation were actually being ignored; notwithstanding, the governments proclaimed efforts and lip service to address them. Liquidity crunch was reported on top of the internal reasons for the lackluster performance in the stock market. Still heavyweight players maintained their interest in the oil and gas, and the banking sectors. Despite the precarious state of the Textile sector, the backbone of the economy attracted some of the buyers during the week under review.