LAHORE The PPP wants the PML-N to rejoin the Federal Cabinet in exchange for repeal of the 17th Amendment, it has been learnt reliably. Well-placed sources confided to The Nation on Sunday that PPP was not ready to present 17th Amendment to the PML-N in platter. It would rather ask Nawaz Sharif to become part of the federal government to share the burden of responsibility. The 17th Amendment has got a price tag and the PML-N will have to pay that price in the form of rejoining the Federal Cabinet, said a PPP source who requested not to be named. It may be recalled that PML-N had earlier taken the stance that it would rejoin the Cabinet if deposed judges are restored and all controversial amendments in the Constitution are done away with. Reacting to the expected bargain offer from PPP side, Nawaz Sharifs spokesperson, Senator Pervez Rasheed told The Nation that PML-N viewpoint on the issue was well known even to a man in the street. The PML-N Senator said that it had been a consistent stance of his party, which it had also proved through actions, that it would neither do opposition for the sake of opposition, nor would it do politics just to enter power corridors. Further explaining his party position on the issue, he said that PML-N was of the view that 'all democratic parties should do all that, including joining the government, if necessary, to strengthen democracy, to steer the country out of present quagmire of problems; and to put it on the path to economic development. When the time comes, the PML-N would evaluate PPPs offer, and if it is considered necessary to join the government, we would do that; and if the situation suggests the role of opposition for us, we would do opposition, he observed. He, however, did not rule out the possibility of accepting the government offer, saying that if at any stage the PML-N realised that its becoming part of the government could serve the cause of democracy and help resolve outstanding issues, it may think of doing so in the best interest of the country. It may be noted that a massive reshuffle in the Federal Cabinet is on the cards, and the ministers who benefited from the controversial NRO are likely to be shown the door, thus making room for new entrants. According to sources, the new cabinet may be a replica of the one put in place immediately after February 2008, also including the same ministers from the PML-N. It would also be smaller in size to curtail the expenditure, the sources further said.