US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in an address to the American business executives, urged them to provide more assistance to Pakistan in energy, education, health and other economic development needs. Mrs. Clinton also raised the possibility of Al-Qaeda leadership's presence in Pakistan alleging that the terrorists were controlling parts of Pakistan and were using its territory to plan future attacks on America. This blowing hot and cold is difficult to decipher for Pakistan. Pakistanis also do not understand why America and its allies failed to stop the flow of weapons and manpower to these terrorists in eight years since 2001 despite the West having the latest technology and satellite imaging systems in its possession? Will 30,000 more troops in Afghanistan solve that problem? Wouldn't it be better to make a strategy instead to stop supply of manpower and weapons to these terrorists? Here is a solution Washington should consider; (1). Americans and other developed countries should invest in Pakistan and Afghanistan by setting up industrial units, hospitals, schools etc to engage the local manpower in profitable pursuits, thereby reducing unemployment and raising their living standards. 2. Spend on campaign in media that is supported by the civil society and government to create awareness against this so-called Jihad. This can only be effective if the government took action against the uneducated mullahs and religious scholars who promote such Jihadi activities. That can be done by taking over all mosques and registering all those who use the pulpit. -AHZAR AHMAD, Lahore, December 4.