I think not only me but also the whole nation is now sick of the political talk shows dozens of which are telecast every evening by the various TV channels. Often the topic is same, the political pundits the same, and even the government's representatives the same. To make these shows more laughable is that sometime we see the same person appearing in three programmes at the same time. What do we hear in the talk shows? One set of people speak against the government and its policies and a government chamcha defends the allegations. Often the arguments become loathsome. Same dialogues, same arguments, same points are repeated again and again. To a straight forward question a minister or a senator will reply in such a way that the reply makes no link with the question. This devious and evasive technique remains the hallmark of sarkari sycophants. I will suggest that anchorpersons or the producers should try to change the format of these discussions and intellectuals rather than tainted political representatives should be made guest speakers. Every political person is now hated because of the NRO and the list of loan-defaulters. What a shame that not even one person is willing to admit that he or she has benefited from the NRO or the written off loans. For us, the people of Pakistan, a small glimpse of all these corrupt people is difficult to withstand. Have pity on us - NAUSHAD KHAN, Mangora, December 6.