Islamabad - As the US Embassys security related project is nearing completion stage, vehicular traffic on a portion of the Kashmir Highway passing yards away from the Embassy and outside the diplomatic enclave, has come to a grinding halt causing great inconvenience to local travelers. A survey of the site carried out by this scribe reveals that the one-way traffic earlier allowed on the said part of the Kashmir Highway has also been suspended, thus causing great inconvenience to the residents of Islamabad while traveling towards Murree as well as to residents of Bharakahu and adjoining villages. Well-placed sources told TheNation on Sunday that this has been done on the pressure of the US Embassy which was working day and night to complete its expansion programme envisaging a huge security related project over 28 acres of land, which may also include an airfield. Sources further said that the project was nearing its completion, with security related equipment shipped to Karachi for onward jounrney to Islamabad under the security of US private security company DynCorp, which was providing dedicated logistic services in its handling and transportation to the Embassy. It was further learnt that the security related infrastructure being set up by the United States Embassy would be equipped with hi-tech avionics. In a related development, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and the owners of a seven star hotel project have agreed to shift the site on pressure from the US Embassy. As per the deal, sources said that Capital Development Authority (CDA) would lease out a piece of land to the owners as per their desired location to carry out the seven star hotel project in the federal capital.