LAHORE - Americas new Afghan policy is more realistic and opposite than that of Bush administration. Perhaps the US has realised that defeat is its destiny and now it seeks way out to flee from Afghanistan after facing results of war. These views were expressed by former Foreign Minister Sartaj Aziz, former Secretary Foreign Affairs, former Ambassador Iqbal Ahmed Khan and former Ambassador Javed Hussain while addressing a programme 'Americans New Afghan Policy and its impact on Pakistan arranged by The Nation, Nawa-i-Waqt and Waqt TV at the Hamid Nizami Hall here on Sunday. The speakers said, Pakistan must come out of strategic depth in Afghanistan, and try to let the American troops go back as soon as possible, and must cooperate the Afghan government, they said adding that the US wanted face saving and we must offer them the opportunity in this regard instead of insisting it to stay in Afghanistan. They cautioned that on the arrival of more American troops in Afghanistan, more extremists could enter the country and in future America could put pressure on Pakistan in this connection. However, it seemed America would not invade Pakistan so it was need of the hour to come out of Afghan issue, they added. Speaking on the occasion, Sartaj Aziz said that Pakistan must keenly observe the consequences of the new Afghan policy and the chances of its success keeping in view the after-affects of such a policy. He said the US expected that Afghan troops would replace them in case it decided to pull out its forces, but unfortunately they could not train required number of troops (2,40,000). Only 80,000 have been trained, which is not a sufficient number of troops and also incapable to handle the entire matters of the state, he added. He said that Pakistan must be clear regarding its Afghan policy as well which must be announced as soon as possible instead of intending to fight with the Afghan Taliban, which is difficult task perhaps impossible job after defeating them on the Pakistani territory. He said that they were also off the view to tackle those who were planning against neighbors and in this regard Pakistan must adopt clear-cut policy. Arshad Ahmed Khan said that it was need of the hour to think over the situation, which compelled the Americans to make new Afghan policy after March despite the fact that it already was decided that war in Afghanistan was not in fact a real solution. He said that America wanted to strengthen itself in its controlled areas because they had come to know that they could not win the war. He also seconded Sartaj Azizs point of view that America would avoid to invade Pakistan. Iqbal A Khan and Javed Hussain also spoke on this occasion.