KARACHI The participants of Sindhi Topi and Ajrak Day rally torched a petrol pump and three vehicles while the ban on pillion-riding and arms display was scarcely observed across the city on this special occasion. The participants of the rally blocked National Highway after the Rangers had arrested a local leader of Jeaye Sindh Qaumi Mahaz (JSQM), following their vandalism in the Steel Town Police precincts. Violence broke out when Akhtar Meher, a local leader of JSQM from Bin Qasim Town who was leading a rally, was arrested by Rangers after a clash between the participants and Rangers personnel. It has been learnt that the clash took place when a number of participants of the rally got filled fuel tanks of their vehicles and tried to escape without paying money to the petrol pump owner. Police sources claimed that staffers of the pump and security guards tried to stop them at which they infuriated and ransacked the pump. They said the participants had also beaten the staffers of pump. Meanwhile, Rangers personnel intervened to control the situation but it turned graver and a clash erupted between the charged participants and the Rangers personnel, forcing the law-enforcers to baton-charge them. Some half a dozen of the participants sustained minor injuries while two of them sustained bullet wounds who were taken to hospital. The Rangers personnel arrested JSQM leader Akhtar Meher. A sit-in staged on the National High followed the JSQM leaders arrest during which the protesters not only blocked the road but also pelted stones on passing vehicles. Some of the protesters also set on fire three vehicles. Finally, the law-enforcement agencies had to surrender to the protest and released Meher. However, no case was registered till filing of this report. On the other hand, a visible violation of the pillion-riding and arms display was seen across the City, reflecting the law-enforcement agencies inability to hold control. They could not arrest any of the participants of rally as they were carrying flags of different political parties, showing little that later regard for the ban on pillion-riding and arms display. The Police seemed to have given a free hand to the participants of Sindhi Topi Day rally, as developments took place across the City prove this claim. It was witnessed that people wearing Ajrak and Sindhi Topi were involved in looting incidents occurred in the metropolis on a day when people of Sindh were celebrating Sindhi Topi day, irrespective of any colour caste and creed. The Police had disappeared from various parts of the metropolis and the miscreants enjoyed this absence as they were openly carrying heavy weapon firing into the air to celebrate the occasion. Although it is hard to decide whether it was the Police inability or they were directed to remain so, not a single man was arrested across the province. It is also to be noted that the main route of the rally was scheduled as Higher Security Zone where participants of the rally also boosted up risk during the current season terrorism in the country. However, heavy contingents of the law enforcement agencies personnel were deployed across the Sadr Town.