LAKKI MARWAT  - The transporters on Saturday observed strike to protest the local administration and police action against overcharging of commuters and installation of extra seats and gas cylinders in coaches.

Many transporters did not bring their coaches on the roads causing troubles for people travelling within and outside the district. The coach stand in Lakki city was congested with passengers but coaches bound for Tajazai and other towns were not available early in the day.

People especially government employees suffered a lot as they could not reach DHQ hospital, judicial complex and district headquarters complex at Tajazai on time. Many passengers and employees travelled in three wheelers auto rickshaws to reach hospital, government offices and courts at Tajazai.

The drivers of auto rickshaws received exorbitant fares from the passengers at their own will. The transporters later called off strike at their own and brought the coaches on roads. A transporter told this correspondent that they installed additional cylinders in coaches to have spare gas because transporters of the district had to travel to Karak district to get CNG facility. He said

that extra seats were installed to provide free pick and drop facility to the students besides the drivers paid taxes to the contractors of civic bodies at several points.

On the other hand, residents of the district have asked the government to initiate action against transporters who did not reduce transport fares.

Talking to this correspondent, they said that government twice reduced the prices of oil products and that the provincial government should implement the revised transport fares in public transport in true spirit.

A government employee wishing not to be named said that drivers were overcharging commuters with both hands. He said that the government should take stern action against transport mafia if it was serious to provide maximum relief to the people after reduction in oil prices. He said though the regional transport authority issued new transport fares, there was the need to implement it.