RAWALPINDI- The people living in different areas of Rawalpindi are facing difficulties to find a land to bury their dead. The only graveyard planned and completed in 1997 near Dhamial Village, some 25 kilometers away from the city, is yet to become the first choice for the people due to its inaccessibility.

The residents in the urban areas, on the other hand, are facing shortage of space, as almost all the burial grounds are either filled to capacity or reserved in advance. The few spaces still available need to be paid for.

There are four major graveyards in the city, Rata, Pirwadhai, Eidgah and Dhoke Munshi. All of them are overcrowded and are short on necessary facilities, such as a place for funeral prayers and making ablution. The residents demanded of the city administration to allocate funds for the construction of new graveyard in Rawalpindi.