Haniya Noor - Picture yourself using a good touch screen mobile having all the features of a android phone worth 40-50k for PKR 10,00-15,000. This picture is going to be foggy but now thanks to our very own Qmobile this is made possible. Suppose you want to buy a new phone. Would you rather go for a Samsung/Apple Smartphone worth 50, 00-60,000 or you will prefer a Qmobile phone with the same features and 1 year warranty worth 6,500? The success story of QMobile revolves around this concept and their extra ordinary marketing strategies.

The target market of Qmobile was basically the people who wanted the latest technology at reasonable prices. Qmobile was the company which offered technology that matched android level at very low prices.

Qmobile is offering good quality products with good battery time which are also very user friendly to the Pakistani market at prizes which are very low as compared to the smartphones big brands like Samsung, Apple, HTC etc.

 Marketing Strategy of Qmobile is the reason behind its success. Qmobile has clearly understood the core market for their models. They invested a large amount on their advertising and campaigns. They used the star power to make awareness about their products in the market. They hired big faces like Kareena Kapoor,Fawad Khan, Iman Ali, Atif Aslam, Sonam Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapoor for their advertisement. People actually got themselves Noir phones just because Kareena Kapoor or Fawad Khan was endorsing it. This celebrity endorsement promoted the brand name in a very positive way and QMobile succeeded in achieving a huge customer base in Pakistan along with a strong brand name. This celebrity endorsement also helped in gaining resale value for QMobile devices. By hiring international celebrities to endorse their products QMobile ended up making a name in the international market and if rumors are to be believed Anjelina Jolie is going to be the next brand ambassador of QMobile. Now imagine Angelina Jolie saying “I Noir. Do you?”   A celebrity like Angelina Jolie endorsing for a Pakistan made product is for sure going to be a proud moment for the nation.

QMobile used the concept of product placement in their marketing strategy. For example the TV serial BulBulay was promoting QMobile products. There is no cost involved in such kind of advertising but it creates awareness among the people. People with a strong fan following tried convincing the fans to try QMobile products as the company is Pakistani.

 QMobile gave free gift hampers to a large number of people at different occasions. The Amir Liaqat and the Junaid Jumshed show during the month of Ramazan is an example. The tagline “ Ye QMobile appka hua” became famous due to these shows.

All these factors helped QMobile distinguish them from the Chinese market. They worked hard to build a good image in the market.

They placed their products in the minds of the customers as good quality and technologically sophisticated products at low prices. They have come a long way to be compared with big brands like Apple, HTC and Samsung.